EP pass eligibility.

Please advise me whether I would be permitted for EP.

Base metals futures broker in London 4 years experience. With 1 year relevant experience.

British male 21 years old
Salary sgd7.5k monthly
Internal transfer with international broker
Secondary school education and city guilds business diploma.

A very niche market role
I have used the SAT it does say I would be eligible

Thank you very much

For EP, the basic educational criteria is graduation. But as your job profile related to trading desk, a niche job market. MoM May consider other criteria and approve an EP. But your employer has to justify to hire a foreigner for this role and proof that there are not enough local talents for this position. Good luck

Thank you sir

Hopefully my company can do this.

For high salaries (above S$12000/month the last time I checked) the requirement of a university degree for an EP is lifted. Below that, you usually can get only an S-Pass. But the difference is small.

Unfortunately an S PASS is not suited for my role I don’t believe my salary will be that high, however my company is very large and employs many Singaporeans and I have a very niche role the SAT does say I’m eligible hopefully MOM will grant.

S pass mostly distributed to employees who are having diploma certificate and salaries not at higher side. As Beppi said, MoM is now giving relaxation to employees whose job profile is under niche market or job scope is in demand. E.g. Cyber security, information security, quantitative analyst, python/R programmer, Global Markets/Banking project managers, block chain programmers etc, these people can be considered for EP even if  they don’t have graduation certificate. Good luck

Thank you again I’m within banking/global markets so hopefully

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