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Hi All,
My Husband have been offered a Job as Software Developer in Copenhagen with a Salary of 50000 DKK per month before taxes. would like to know few things
1. what would be the net take home salary, .
2. we will be relocating with the family of three -My husband, 3 years old son and me(i Would not be working their)
3. what would be the right and not expensive place to live as he would not mind to travel for an hour as his office is in Njalsgade area Copenhagen.
4.what would be the total expense( food, Utilities, Housing, Travel, kids education).

Neha Bisht

These questions have been asked and answered so many times, please look at previous posts.

1. He should expect appx. 50% taxes, but it varies a bit depending on the situation.

3. Given that his office is in the middle of Copenhagen, he would definitely need to be close to public transportation. Driving in Copenhagen is a nightmare. I would suggest looking at Nordsjælland, perhaps Hillerød, which is a 30 mins. train ride away from Copenhagen. Nordsjælland is a really nice city, and there are many great options for families. I live in Hillerød myself, and there are lots of new apartments available here.

4. It highly depends on how you want to live. You can either live really cheap, but you can also live really expensive. Copenhagen and its surrounding area is the most expensive in Denmark, but you can still find affordable housing near schools and public transportation.

Welcome to Denmark :)

As SimCityAt writes, do look up the other posts about this topic too.  That will give you an impression of the taxation level. Fortunately for us all, we don't pay 50 % of our income in taxes.

I always use Gladsaxe municipality as an exemple so that you can compare the net pay on the different levels.

Gladsaxe municipality, your husbond's yearly pay 600,000 kroner, you don't work, not member of the state church = tax 208,730,28 kroner.

Do remember that other factors can come into play. Commuting deductions e.g. and what a kind of pension scheme he is offered. Do look up other posts about this topic.

As the working place is on Amager, I would suggest to you to look for an apartment on Amager or thereabout, not Hillerød. I also live in Hillerød, and I would call it for quite a long commuting distance.  Furthermore, it means that the travel expenses will be rather high, too.  As a newcomer, it will only be new/relatively new flats which will come into consideration, and they aren't cheap, despite where you settle.
A look-up today on rejseplanen reveals that today's travel time will amount to more than 1 hour 30 minutes (and that's from just Hillerød station), I guess because of rail work.  I can tell you about my experience. Studied at the university in Njalsgade, caught a bus to Vesterbro station, reached a train which came very soon. It took me all in all 45 minutes as far as I remember. Had to wait for my bus nearly half an hour, another quarter of an hour's ride, five minutes walk. So you see, I could go from Copenhagen to Hillerød station pretty quickly, but it was only half of the time.

About housing, I would guess that you shall count on 11-12,000 kroner for the housing, another. Another 3 * 800 kroner = 2,400 for utilities, household 4-5,000 kroner.

Take a look at the home site of Copenhagen municipality to find out something about kindergarten prices.
and an example on an internation school
Danish state schools in general are excellent, education free, and the children learn English from first class.

I hope this will do for the moment, but you are always welcome to ask for further information.


The pay is fine, but maybe it could be a little upgraded? And if you accept the offer, do ask for help in searching a flat. It will be of priceless value for you.

Thanks You very much Nellie for your Advice.

He has not yet received any formal offer from the company. will keep you updated for that and ping you if i have any more queries.

Thanks Again


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