Visa/moving help

Thank you for offering any knowledge in advance. I’m finding hard to navigate and different answers every where I look.

But my story is a 25yo male with a pension of $1836 (USD) and a rental property (paid for) that brings in $750 (USD) for a total of $2536 (USD). I have a fiancé 24yo female with no income once we depart. We currently have small cash savings around $5000 (USD) and growing and a vast amount of gold and silver( I assume to be worthless for this process due to proving its monetary value but would prefer not to cash out and leave in the U.S. for a safety net/fall back if we decide to come back). And we’re currently debt free.

I need to know if one, we have enough money to get a temp visa?
Two, If I can consider her a dependent as a fiancé?
And three, if $2500 (USD) can allow a young thrifty couple to live a comfortable life in Mexico for a couple of years with plans on getting into the tourism business at a later point (possibly dive/snorkel charter).

Thanks in advance for any help you can give. I can gladly give more information.

Hi again, as previously answered, go or call the Mexican consulate, they will provide you with more accurate answers BUT like I said often do things legally is BETTER. … 17-35/visa

Adios y buen dia a todos, GyC.

Where are you considering living?

Also like. Previously stated go to the Mexican consulate for info, but the quick answer is no for the girlfriend unless you consider living up north.

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