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Hi People,
So I've been doing some research on expat compounds and got an email from Arizona today.  For a 2 bedroom 108 sqm condo (that's the smallest unit they have) the rent is 218k per year!!!!  Excuse me whilst I pick myself up from the floor.  I live in Dubai in an amazing 2 bedroom apt on the 47th floor, views of Burj Khalifa, pool, gym etc - rent + all utilities and internet is 135k per year.  I'm beginning to wonder if I'm doing the right thing moving here now :(   Is this normal??  I know Arizona has a lot of activities and a golf course etc - but I could get a mansion for that rent in Dubai.  I don't want to live in some crappy run down place as I'm coming here on my own, so any suggestions?  My office is in ITCC and I hear there's a compound there but they don't have a website, anyone know about this place?
Help  :/

Well, Arizona is one of the most expensive compounds in Riyadh. For a twice less you can get a good apartment at Kingdom City compound, Eid Villas or Ranco Village (those are fully western compounds, with very good facilities).

ITCC compound is not ready yet (and I'm not sure if it will be ready in the nearest few years).

Thank you :)

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