EP Expiry

Dear All,

My EP was approved on August 01st after waiting for 65 days! This particular EP was applied via an agency (So the payroll is agreed to be with them). As per the agency, the client company decided to look for new applications (Instead of me) as my EP took long time to get approved than anticipated. So as per the agency, they say this open position is closed as the client company has selected a new applicant and willing to proceed with.

I would like to know below things:
* Is there any kind of expiry in the EP, as I have not started working in SG?
* Are there any legal actions can be done, if the agency can't afford to find me a suitable job?
* Are there any steps/things to do from my end for this problem?

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This is not a matter of the EP, but of the employment contract you have signed with the employer (which you call agency). Let the contract be checked by a lawyer - he/she can advice you on your rights and possible actions!

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