How to extend permesso di soggiorno after study period

Hi, I am Farhan, I live in Torino, I wanted to know for how long can I extend my permesso di soggiorno even after my course has ended, I love Italy and I would like to stay here for some time, through this website I came to know about stato occupazionale documento, can some one tell me where can I get this document and also do I need to apply for residenza ?

Contact the nearest immigration office to you.Google search for the immigration website and contact them.

In my opinion you have to apply  again ,  easy if you have a family members living in Italy, or else you're lucky if they give you a another permesso , it's hard to do papers because you have to wait long, and now the administration they don't like stranieri, the problem  is many police going around sometimes they check if you have papers they are strict. Better you go to immigration.
Just saying.have a nice day!

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