Looking for daily/domestic helper

Hi. I am Yuyu. I am looking for a helper for five days or at least two days. Basically, just to take care of my children (5y/o, 2y/o & 2m), and does some house cleaning. I have an hour event to attend on August 22. So, I need the helper will for follow me to there

Hi Navamani from Melaka.I'm 58 years old.experience in childcare .teaching English.

Good cooking skills.in various cuisines.Was a Nanny in Australia.before.can contact ***.not working already .but looking for a job.thanks .

Hello Yuyu zulaikha eswan & usharu61,

Please note that adverts should be posted in the dedicated Jobs section for any job search/offer.

As an aside, publishing contact details is not allowed on the forum; they should rather be exchanged through the private messaging system.

Thank you,

Team Expat.com

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