Newspaper in Farsi

Dear community,

I have just started learning Persian, and I need some assistance from you.

The approach I use is based on Barry Farber's book How to Learn Any Language (1991), which advocates the systematic reading of newspapers in the target language.

I do not know if it is because of the international sanctions, low demand, or high transportation costs, but I cannot locate any place to buy a physical newspaper in Persian (online newspapers are not sufficient). Neither in my home town Oslo, nor in London, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Antalya, Kyiv, or Moscow. An email to the local Iranian embassy has been left unanswered.

Dear expats in Iran. If you have the possibility to bring a Persian language newspaper to any Western country and mail it to me, I'll be happy to pay you for the costs. The newspaper should include the usual sections (news, sports, culture, etc.) and be written for a local Iranian audience (not foreigners). It is not important if the paper is government controlled, independent, new or old (as long as it is readable).

I am looking forward to your replies!

Best regards,

PS. If anyone is interested, this is the reference to the book I mentioned: Farber, B. (1991). How to Learn Any Language: Quickly, Easily, Inexpensively, Enjoyably, and on Your Own. Citadel Press.

If you want please send me your email, I will send you picture of newspaper.

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