Problem with new Company I recently joined

Hello everyone!

I have joined a company in KL in this August 2019 as HR on Employment Visa. They have informed me that work timings will be 9 AM - 6 PM, but now they are pushing me every single day stay late and finish any pending works if not completed.

I have asked them this point clearly at the time of joining and they said no extra hours will be pushed. So. I'm leaving office around 8 PM in night and it takes 1:30 hrs in LRT to reach my home, On top of it, the area of my office isn't good at nights. It's prone for snatching and robbery on ladies especially at nights.

Is there any legal wing to whom I can complain? I'm working in KL from past 5 years, haven't faced such issue ever since.

Please let me know if you have any idea on this.

Thank you,

Unless they are asking you to do extra work that was not included in your original negotiations, i would say the answer is to work much faster which would be in line with what a normal employer would expect. Work faster and leave on time. What would be the problem with that?

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