Are you an English or EFL teacher in Malaysia?

Hello All,
I'm currently pursuing my TEFL certification and wanted to get some information on teaching English in Malaysia. I would like to know your experience and also would you mind answering the following questions:
1. Are classrooms student or teacher centered? What is the teaching approach?
2. What is the dress code in most schools?
3. Are there any social blunders or faux pas that are easy for an American to make?
4. Are students self motivated?

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Shala,

I used to teach in an English Language Centre not long ago and maybe able to provide some answers for you but don't take them as gospel truth.
1.Whilst I would like to think that it is student centered, it really depends where you teach (private centres,  international schools or local schools).  Private centres tend to be teacher centered because they follow a set syllabus using a text book.
2.In locals schools it is uniforms with muslims having their own type of uniform which is more conservative.  Most international schools too have uniforms.  Private centres try to enforce a decent dress code with difficulty.
3.Many locals may be used to a British spelling system but foreign students in private centres may be ok with either.   Avoiding any discussion on religion would be wise
4.It kind of depends from which countries they are from, some are some are not.  Oriental kids seem to be more motivated than others.   I think if your teaching is student centered, students tend to be less disgruntled if teachers follow the syllabus rigidly.  Being the catalyst in the class is a strong motivator for students, especially when you initiate outside activities.

Hope this helps.  We may chat off-line by whatsapp if you like, 0060123038932.


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