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Hello everyone,

Nice to meet all of you. I am Robert from the Netherlands. I am 28 years old and soon graduating for my masters degree Construction Management and Engineering (from the University of Technology in Delft). Recently my girlfriend got an offer to do a 3 year PhD program in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Because of the recent developments in HK and my girlfriend being a mainland Chinese, she prefers to live in Shenzhen.

As I understand that finding a management position in Construction Management is probably not very realistic, I have been looking for all kinds of other jobs in Shenzhen. However, most of the job openings I found are teaching jobs. Although I am open to be a teacher, I am a non-native speaker. I feel like this is going to be a problem.

I would describe myself as pro-active, flexible and hardworking. I have good
communication skills and I work well in teams. I always aim to look for the best in people, and to maintain a positive atmosphere in the office. I am open to all kinds of jobs.

If anyone has some tips, please let me know!

You are correct. It is unrealistic to find work in your field in China. As you cannot speak Chinese, and you have no experience, it will be difficult.

But not impossible.

I would strongly suggest that you look towards working in your field in Hong Kong. It is next door to Shenzhen, and you would have a much easier time finding work there. Then, once you are established, you can then migrate to China via your (future) business connections.

Hi Robert,

Welcome to Expat.com and thank you for your nice introduction.

For your job search, i would first of all advise you to post a free ad in the jobs in Shenzhen section, it might raise your chances in finding a work soon.
You can also get in touch with some recruitment agencies that can also help you to find a job that suits your needs.

Please feel free to go through the articles in our guide here : https://www.expat.com/en/guide/asia/china/5_work.html
You may also find some further tips about finding a job in Shenzhen.

If you have other questions about living in Shenzhen, please feel free to create new threads and to post all your questions.
We will try to help you as far as possible.  :idontagree:

Wish you all the best,

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