Career advice. Hairstylist, Tefl, stucco, dance, bar band

Trying to work out moving to the Ukraine, I  basically have five possible avenues for income, if people could comment on prospects.

I was a hairstylist for a few years

Recently completed a Tefl course, native speaker but I am new to this

As a trade I have done stucco and plastering

I played in bar bands/ weddings/events for years as a guitarist... classic rock and pop songs

My main hobby is dancing, my favorite is Kizomba. This dance has only started to gain popularity in the last 7 years. I could start instructing but group lessons would be new to me. I recently made my first video for a song and have some great ideas for my next one

Hi Dancingkizomba,

You can try to post an ad in the jobs in Kiev section.

Good luck,

hi there
i read with interest on proposed job sets etc.
Plasterers here are two a penny and on average earn 10 to 30 usd a day. yes i did say a day.
Hairstylists there are plenty here as the women to men is 8 to 1 and its an easy trade and government fund there training.
Teaching English is a good idea , but learn the difference between English and American English. There are more opportunities in teaching British English as all the schools teach this. However, you need a good understanding of Ukrainian and Russian,  handy if your wife can assist. Schools require you to speak and register as a Ukrainian speaking English teacher. But you can do privet work which needs none of the above, you just need somebody to translate for you, if your not Fluent in Ukrainian and or Russian. Lviv area you need Ukrainian , Kiev a little Russian, but Odesa area Russian is more used, but slowly moving over to Ukrainian, as to earnings, 10 to 20 usa per hour, but its very hard work as you need to teach there work books, Cambridge learning. etc etc

hope this helps a little


martin Odesa

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