Looking for job as office assistant,kindergarten teacher,accountant.


I am new in this forum. I am a housewife and currently in Bahrain under my husband's dependent visa. I would like to know what is the procedure to find a job here. Can I get a job based on dependent visa?

My background is Bachelor in Commerce and I have previous experience being worked as an accounts assistant in my origin country India. Also, I have experience as a primary teacher in India for nearly 1 year. Currently I am looking for job as an office assistant, primary/kindergarten school teacher or accountants assistant.

Is there any scope to get? What are the best job portal I can search for?

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Please check these articles about work here : https://www.expat.com/en/guide/middle-e … _work.html , it might help you.

You can also post a job ad for free in the jobs in Manama section.

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You can't work on a dependent visa.  It has to be converted to work visa - either a new work visa or a permission / NOC from immigration.  Your employer will guide you.

okk thank u so much XTang for your information

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