Taxes in Brazil

I am planning retire in Brazil with an income from social security and pension! Can someone tell me if I have to pay taxes in Brazil on my income?

Hi, Genclev,
Yes, you do, once you have permanent resident status.  You can deduct your US taxes on your Brazilian return, however.

If you are taxed in the US on retirement and/or pension, you do not pay taxes in Brazil.
I retired ad all accounts are in US and I transfer what I need each month to brazil. I file in US and not in Brazil.
If you make any income in Brasil, yes you pay taxes on that in Brasil.

The moral of the story:  get your own accountant when you get to Brazil, and follow his/her advice.  The advice I received is exactly the opposite of what Tex apparently did.  If you're questioned later by the Receita Federal, it will help to have a professional to point to.  IMHO, taxation is never a subject to guess at.

abthree makes a good point. When I arrived and went through CRMN process I was advised that the tax treaty between BR and US meant if I had income from SS (which is taxable) and filed in the US, I did not pay in Brazil. Now this was from an HSBC tax adviser, but HSBC is no longer in Brasil.
All income I have is retirement sources and taxable in the US. Becoming a permanent resident can trigger a different tax issue in Brasil.
I make no income (savings, or anything) in BR, so I hope I did not hitch myself to the wrong wagon.
( dang abthree you got me thinking now and I will seek out an accountant in this little town)
I do have to give a copy of my US taxes to my bank each year which is a requirement by my bank to provide such to BoB or whomever.

Thanks guys!

Not the best help. May want to keep most assets in the US. You may not enjoy Brasil and hard to switch.
First few months are tough. You have to rely on ATMs and they limit amounts to be withdrawn. Once you do get te CRMN you can open a bank account and transfer funds (Limit $4000 per month) to your account. Find a financial institution with low wire transfer rates. HSBC Premier is free, but still have BR banks FT fees.
Also think about phone. Many Banks do not allow skype calls and difficult to speak to many banks.
There is another post on international call which could help you

Sorry to tell you  won’t be able to become a permanent resident of Brazil on a pension. They changed the Law last year only if you are married to a Brazilian have Children that are Brazilian or invest in a business that hires Brazilian. You will only be able to stay 6 months a year. I had to do this until I got a permit Residency visa thru married to Brazilian. The first way when I was on a tourist visa was to live in Mexico for 6 month the back to Brazil. You have to leave Brazil for 6 months if you stay in Brazil for 6 months. Hope this helps

NewBrazil is righty. You cant get a pension visa anymore. Most common ways are common law marriages, marriages, children and investment (most common type is R$ 500,000 investment)

Regarding taxes, Brazil applies World Taxation method. My view is, because of that, if you are a Brazilian resident you will have to inform to Brazilian authorities your income in US and use the Tax paid there to rebate any tax that would be charged here.

Pls check here: … e-tax-rate
"Brazil personal income tax rate is progressive, ranges from 0 to 27.5 percent and is collected by the Federal Government. Besides incomes, individuals are also taxed on their worldwide earnings and assets gains."

Hope to have assisted!

Alright... What I know:

For retirees to have permanent residency, you need to be married to a Brazilian citizen, or have fathered a Brazilian child, or have an "união estavel (common law wife) or invest at least R$500,000 (could be less depending on the investment). Bolsonaro is now thinking of abolishing the "união estavel."

SS pension is not taxed with the latest developments. It´s already understood that the US taxes EVERYTHING including any income WORLWIDE.

However, due lack of a formal agreement with the US on all incomes with Brazil, you are liable to be taxed with all the other incomes you earn worlwide, being a resident or a citizen. Like the others have said, you need an accountant if you want to play straight.

There were topics about not "poking the lion with a short stick" if you want to be of low profile and not create paper trails for authorities to rake you to the coals and perform a "double taxation."


No way Bolsonaro can abolish Uniao Estavel, Robal...It is above his capacity  as President

sergiobotinha :

No way Bolsonaro can abolish Uniao Estavel, Robal...It is above his capacity  as President

Hi. Just for clarification, the right of "union estavel" that Bolsonaro is targeting is the gay community
(LGBT) . He states that the Brazilian Constitution cites of the "união familiar" as between a man and a woman.

We know that there are no laws yet sanctioning that, just a resolution done by CNJ (Conselho Nacional da Justiça) in 2013 and recognized by the Supreme Court. That´s why many members of the LGBT community are transforming their "união estavel" into civil marriage. Bolsonaro cannot issue a decree abolishing that. He has to create a legislative project in Congress and be voted for by the majority. Any appeals would be decided by the STF. He could of course increase the number of judges if he wants to succeed...

Just for a little discussion of some current issues...


Great points Doc!

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