Hello I tried goggling with no avail. Please anyone in PR what are the tiny little brown flying bugs almost like a Nat but it flys like a lady bug, and what are the tan brownish gray bugs I find them on the walls and they seem to just be dead. How do I get rid of them and do they bite?

We need pictures, but likely you are seeing moths or lightning bugs. Cáculos  are also common, they have a big belly hard carapace and are tan in color.

It is a jungle out there and plenty of frogs, lizards and snakes that feed on the bugs.

You need 3 things
A) correctly installed screens with no holes and no gaps around the frame
B) Yellow lights, must bugs are attracted to white and blue lights
C) a bug zapper inside the house

The outside of each of the screens in my house always have at least 2 lizards waiting for bugs that want to go into the house but are stopped by the screens. They have a feast every night.

Actually when it pours out hard. The termites nest gets disturbed and they will also get through your screens. But you will find hundreds of wings as well

I put yellow LED bulbs in my outdoor deck lights, and they still attract insects 😤

Not sure what the solution to that problem could be.

We had a swarm of termites last winter - it was the swarm from hell. Some got in the house and I used my shop vac to get em.  Like the tv ad for terminx.  It worked.  😎

Flying termites...turn off all the lights and wait about 45 minutues.

Yes, that's what we did.  Turned off the outside lights, sprayed insecticide outside around the doors and vacuumed up the ones that got inside with the shop vac.  It worked pretty well.  They shed millions of wings, nasty!

I had never been through anything like that before.  It was horrible, fortunately our house is cement so I didn't freak out about a threat to the building, but am still concerned that any wood furniture inside or outside is at risk. 

Do you know if pressure treated wood is resistant to termites?  Or furniture made of Teak is resistant to termites? 

Our new kitchen was built with PVC cabinets, so that should be safe.   I used to say that living on the beach, you learn to like wood and plastic.  Now I lean towards PVC and stainless steel.    :cool:

Okay is the small brown ones the termites, luckily I have no wood. What type of i se tocase are you all using and do these things bite?

Sundaiirose :

Okay is the small brown ones the termites, luckily I have no wood. What type of i se tocase are you all using and do these things bite?

You may have wood around doors, windows, furniture, books, cardboard boxes, they are all yummy. Your walls could also contain wood. The older the home the more likely. Get an exterminator to look at it if you find them in the house and if you see tunnels in the concrete.

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