How can I transfer from one company to another

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I'm new here in Bahrain and I'm currently working here for less than a year more than 3 months to be specific. I want to transfer to another company because my current company doesn't pay the overtime and also the holidays. I already pass my resignation via post office before I reached 3 months and I also adviced my boss about it however my boss told me that I cannot transfer to another company just because they don't want me too. But according to the law any party can terminate the contract within 3 months. Now my boss leave me with two option either I will finish the contract or I will go back to my home country. Btw my boss didn't give me my last pay check because he told me that that's what he will use to book my ticket is that really how it works?

1) You cannot transfer without their consent if you have worked with them for less than one year
2) However, they can cancel your visa and you have 30 days to get a new employer to apply for a new one - without leaving Bahrain
3) Browse the threads in the forum.  I have given advice on this topic literally hundreds of times. No you don't have to pay them ANYTHING

The problem sir is that my boss doesn't want to cancel my visa that's why Idon't know what to do.

But I've read the bahrain law and he's not following it.
For example:
He's not paying us for the o.t and holidays
And he also didn't give my last salary on time because he knows that I want yo leave.
And also they always give us our schedule daily and have to always wait 3 am for it.

I think those are enough reason to leave a company and it will not be fair if he will not let me leave his company because I came here as visit and he did not pay anything to get me here

Read the threads I have posted on.  Then go to the Ministry of Labor and file a case.

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