have anyone found living place in this forum?

I am local guy and have been surfing on this forum before and I have posted my own old lane house in this website housing section; back to 5 years before, I successfully found the one directly here; but nowadays it is almost no one even sending any enquiring message to me... I just wonder for expats how you find the living place? only through agent? or any other channel?

sorry just wonder why this time it seems no response at all... and actually it is more efficient here without paying actual agent fee (normally one month rent), although a bit risk in terms of what kind of landlord, and language etc... but after all, it is more direct way... can anyone be kind enough to suggest how I can identify the needs for expats in Shanghai, any more effective channel to connect with the needs... big appreciation in advance

let me know if against any rule in this forum, I will remove my post immediately... Thank you

Yes, I want to know about it too.

now, I even can not post the housing info at" housing" section... it always says " address is not saved, please try again" however, I did many time in last few weeks. never successful... can anyone or website owner help look into it...

BTW, just renovated flat is facing Plaza66 Nanjing Rd West... fully furbished. webchat ***

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Hello Waterandice263,

The Housing section has been newly updated. This has resulted in a few bugs and is probably the reason why you haven't been able to go through with posting your advert.

An Expat.com team member has contacted you through private messaging to resolve your issue.

Thank you for your patience.

Team Expat.com

Great and I am contacted and hopefully can have issue resolved Tks for prompt help

Great Service... to be honest, I almost gave up before this thread has been picked up and taken care by website... and the problem quickly is solved.. special thanks for Sheryl ; great work.


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