Possible to cancel an Evisa?


I have set up my own company, just got to the point of applying for my residence visa.

My application was declined, because I have a valid 1 year multi entry visa.
According to my consultant, who applied on my behalf, they were not able to cancel the Evisa at the ministry.
I‘ve sent a couple of emails to the Evisa department over the last two weeks and called several times as well without anyone answering my calls or emails.

It’s all very frustrating, obviously I had to have a visa to come to Bahrain and sign the official paperwork in front of the public notary and now it’s an issue having a visa?!

Anyone had the same issue and potentially a solution?

Appreciate your help!

Yes there are other people who have had this issue.  Specifically with multiple entry longer term visa.  This cannot be cancelled via email or online - you have to physically go to immigration when in country.

Hi XTang,

immigration at the airport or immigration ministry?

Do you know by any chance, if it’s possible to cancel the visa let‘s say a week after I go to immigration, so that I can leave the country on the old visa?

The problem is that I can‘t stay 7-10 days while I wait for my resident visa to be approved. That’s why I have my consultant so that he can apply on my behalf.

Thanks for your help.

NPRA office on exhibition road.  Well then, you need to cancel visa and then leave within the grace period granted.  Your consultant can apply for a visa for you but then you would need to come back and go through the medical, enrolment and other processes which will still take days.

Appreciate your insight, thank you XTang.

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