Occupation permit

Hi. Please can anyone help me with this. I have been reading online but can’t find the answer.

I would like to get an occupation permit and live in Mauritius for a few years with my wife and children.

I am a shareholder and director in a company. The company is not incorporated in Mauritius.

Will it be possible to apply for a permit? And which one would it be?

As far as I can see - the professional permit is only for non residents who work for a company incorporated in Mauritius?

Thank you


What are the projects? You can mail me on ***. I have direct contact with farmers in Namibia.

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Send me a email/pm and we can have a chat. One of our functions is to assist people in setting up corporate structures and getting permits on the island.

I have a company overseas and got a Self Employed Occupation Permit. Basically I contract myself out (as a consultant) to my company. In my case, I had to give up the director title and have somebody replace me in that position (it has nothing to do with Mauritius specifically, it was just too complex to be a non resident director of my company).
You will have to submit a business case, resume, and track record to the EDB, and it is up to them to decide whether your permit will be accepted. You need to show that you bring a valuable skillset to the island that is in demand here. Some local relocation companies can help you determine your chances of getting a permit and assist with the paperwork. I went with Gibson and Hills but there are others too :)
Hope this helps!

Thanks, that does help a lot!

I am wanting to relocate to Mauritius from South Africa but my property portfolio is in SA. Is it possible to relocate and move the registered office to Mauritius.
Peet Neethling

While we are on this, i may partner with a friend who has a Mauritius based company to set up a restaurant, I will earn above the MUR60000 threshold, would I apply for an occupancy visa or a work visa. I intend to live in Mauritius with my family. My wife wont be working.

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