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can anyone please guide me about the full detail process after i got into an accident yesterday ..i was driving on bisha highway single road ...i was taking a wrong turn and the other car hit me badly ...the front side of my car ruined completely ..traffic police came ..put the fault 75 %mine and  25% of other person car is bank leased from alrajhi ...installments are going what is the procedure after this ... and how much i have to pay ??plz help me ..i know it was my fault ..and i am regretting for it anyone of you know authentic details ..plz plz let me know ..i will be greatful


First go to moroor stamp ur najm report
Then go to ur insurance they will tell u what their procedure

take your report to mroor for stamp, then for an assesment, if your car is total loss check what the contract between you and the ban says. Mostly your installments will stop. But make sure you notify the bank that the car has an accident.

1. first of all, thanks to Allah that you survived this accident.

2. which police came to you and made the report of the accident, is it Najm or Traffic police.

3. if Najm, just take the report and go to three certified workshops to estimate the costs of spare parts and workmanship. then you head to Rajhi Lease company and submit the report and estimations then they will inform you what fees you may pay.

4. If police traffic, same procedure but after finish the estimations from workshops and the car is repairable,  go back to them and take what is called "Islah Paper" ورقة اصلاح " and head to Rajhi Lease. and everything will be the same after.

5. does the other party in the accident has insurance? since he is responsible of the 25%. and do you have a report for that?

6. usually you should have a full insurance coverage from the lease company. They will repair the car but you will pay what agreed in the contract as contribution fees (around 3000 - 5000). if you pay this they will repair. but you should collect all documents i mentioned.

many many thanks sir for this kind reply ...accident was on bisha highway traffic police came ..they said we will do the part of najm also ...secondly they gave us 3 papers and send us to take quotations from 3 different workshops is quotation of spare parts ..its done ...third sheikhul waraash ..they gave me a closed envelope ... last is to get these paper back to police station for stamping ..but when i called him today he said dont come today because other partys paper is not ready yet ..need to ask is it right ??we should wait till then??his papers will be ready ...

and how to ask the other party insurance papers ..i mean how they benefit me ??

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