Architect/engineer/designer for Vieques house that needs remodeling

HI Everyone,

Hoping that someone knows of a person that would be able to create design plans for my contractor to work off of when remodeling the house we bought  in Puerto Rico.

We need to provide him with with the plans to begin the work and we just can't find anyone.

Thanks so much!


You may need to deal with someone in Fajardo or Ceiba if you need more than 1 option.

Thank you Rey! I found a guy in Cuaguas finally - We Will be in Ceiba in October to get the ferry to Vieques, Things are changing  :) Hope your doing great...

I am dealing with Viruta.
I am considering them for my house as a step by step construction ending in them just handling everything for me including the design, the surveyor, the land grooming, super long driveway, house placement in the lot, and the building and painting. We are going to use a new method of construction that does not yet exist in the island. It is based on metal rods, stirofoam like insulation and a material that is similar to Sheetrock in purpose but it is a compound that is more like rock as it is non pours and not affected by humidity or mold..

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