Realator Need ASAP- Trustworthy

Hi Everyone!

I'm Kristin! My wife is being transferred to Aguadilla in October/November of this year (2019). We will be coming down in September for 10 days to look for housing, but I would like to start working with several real-estate agents now if possible (as I understand that there is not a cohesive MLS system), to narrow down our choices. We are looking for housing in the Rincon/Aguadilla/Isabella area, and would prefer a place with hurricane-impact windows and a back-up generator, do such places exist? We are open to both condo's and homes.

If anyone knows of a trusty worthy realtor please let me know!

Many thanks!

Most people don't work with realtor unless they are buying. They arent reliable.
Best to find something you like you the classifies and call the people.
I would suggest staying in aguadilla and Isabella. Maybe parts of moca and aguada
Rincon is over priced and has many electric and water issues. Someplaces will have a transfer switch. They usually don't provide generators . please feel free to contact me. In a private mesaage if you have more questions

Thank you!  Out of curiosity (due to our lack of experience) why are realtors unreliable?

Kristin, just wanted to let you know, here you only need to post once, people look for anything new with a subject that they can provide assistance on. So best to create new posts every time yo u have a new question but not duplicate it in different places.

Realtors are looking to make money and they really do a lot of work if they are looking for rentals.   Its a different way of life here
I use to email and send messages to Realtors and more then 3 weeks later I would get a call back.  It's just the way it is.  Its easier to do most things on your own.  As to a rental agreement. It's best to come back on here a talk to use about the agreement before you sign it. You will notice it will need major adjustments almost all the time.  Plus most landlords won't even follow the agreement that they sign.  There are little laws about landlord tenant agreements here

Carlos Torres 24/7 Real Estate. Nice guy, speaks excellent English, honest, and will help with all listings, unlike most realtors.  He helped me buy my house in Naguabo and I consider him a friend.
Cheryl in Tennessee.

Buying and renting through a realtor is 2 different things

Carlos is a friend of mine, his phone number has been posted several times just search for his name.

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