Do you live in Cantabria and recommendations.

Hi all,

We live in Ireland.  I'm IrIsh, my husband is Spanish, we have two young school-going children and are considering a move to Cantabria as we want to immerse the children in the Spanish language as although they understand Spanish they only speak it when they have to.  We love northern Spain and although we love Galicia we want the children to learn to speak Castillano and not to have to contend with Gallego or Catalan also, hence Cantabria.  We want to send them to a Spanish school, we'd prefer a house to an apartment, preferably with a garden and we'd like the children to be free to play outside and make friends.  We wouldn't mind living in a pueblo as long as there are things to do, the local shops etc., aren't miles away or nature is nearby. (No quiero vivir en el culo del mundo, pero si hay cosas de hacer...)

We currently live in a housing estate that has lots of green areas and the children play outside all the time when the weather permits.  Our main focus would be for the children to be bilingual and to enjoy being in Spain.  Currently we are only considering moving for a year.

Do you live in Cantabria?  Would you recommend where you live?  Do you have children going to school in an all-Spanish public school?  Any suggestions or information would be helpful.  We've considered a move before but for various reasons haven't taken the plunge.

What did you do? In the same situation.

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