Which document to be translated for exchanging DL?

I know this has been addressed before but I just want to clarify..

I have my DL (Canadia Drivers license card) card and driving record paper (which indicates the first date when I first got my license, any supension, prohitions,contraventions and etc).

Which do I get officially translate? Both?

Or.. just the card?
This is for SP region

"Carteira de habilitação estrangeira em categoria de veículo equivalente à pretendida no Brasil - original e cópia simples


Carteira válida cuja data da 1ª habilitação seja maior que 1 ano e em bom estado de conservação. Somente documento estrangeiro dentro do prazo de validade é aceito. Se ele não tiver a data da primeira habilitação e a data de validade, o motorista deverá obter uma certidão com essas informações no consulado do país do documento.

Tradução juramentada da Carteira de Habilitação - original e cópia simples (exceto para países de língua portuguesa)"

As it happens, I just completed this process.  I'm in Amazonas, but it's supposed to be the same nationwide.
I needed a Sworn Translation of both sides of my Illinois license, that was all.  The translation needed to be recognized in a cartório, which caused some brief confusion because I use Fidelity for my sworn translations, they provide an electronic signature, and that was new for the person helping me.  DETRAN's in-house cartório made that problem go away for R$12, though.
They did not request my driving record, and looking over the DETRAN employee's shoulder, I saw that he input the issue date of my IL license as the "data da primeira habilitação" in their system.  Cool!
In addition to the eye test and the "psicotécnica" test (which was kind of fun), I had a choice between taking a test on the rules of the road, or taking a one week course at DETRAN, with no tests, after which I'd receive my license.  I opted for the course, to get the Portuguese terminology down, and will have my license on Friday.
Good luck!

Congrats! Sounds good. I only wanted to check in here to see if anyone had any recent experience getting/processing their license. Thanks for sharing.

I'll get my Canadian Drivers license (Card) officially translated first (I wanted to see if both are needed-after all ...fees do add up)..

And go from there............

Thank you!!

Brazilian bureaucracies become confused and truculent when presented with TOO MUCH information, as much as too little.  If they make an issue of your driving record, you can always get it translated and go back.  I bet that they don't though, and you'll soon be on your way.  Let us know, if you have the chance.

I went in presented my Alaska License paid the fee and Woola. ..a Brazilian License, had to do the Psyche and Eye test....that was it...Belem Para place of License issued...lol

Finally got my Brazilian DL.
I only needed to take the medical and psicotecnica exam. And it was a breeze...

Anyone who is worried about their portuguese being beginner level won't have any problems.
There is no way you would fail the test....

I only needed to translate my Canadian Drivers License *Card (Carteira)* (DL records were not required)

Place of issue: São Paulo
Be aware, it will take hours to do the whole process.. so make sure you book the day when most convenient. I made the appointment at 3pm and finished almost 7pm ish (The waiting time was more of which took most of our time because you know......... Brazil............).



Good news - congrats!

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