PR Driver's License is valid for how many years?

PR Driver's License is valid for how many years?   I heard they are supposed to give you 6 years.  Is it 6 full years, or rounded down?  They gave me only 5 years and 8 days, from when I first received it in 2014, now it's expiring 2019.  Did they make a mistake or is this normal?

Second, if you go to the states for vacation, and will be in the states when it expires, do you have to return to PR to renew the DL or can it be renewed online?  I heard you can't renew it before it expires unless it is expiring in less than 60 days.  Is that true?

I think it was recently enacted that PR new licenses will be good for 8 years. Old ones are to be renewed when they expire and the new ones will be for 8 years.

I do not see what the issue is o with the expiration as you then renew.

As to your other questions, I do not know.

I got my dl in April and was given 5 years and 4 months.  The thing is they do the expiration date based on your birthday and not when you received the license.  So how much time depends on your birthday, mine is in August.

If it expires you will have to do the written and driver's test all over again. Which they charge for.
Yes you have to go in person and you cant don't online. Also you will want to get a real ID. Which is a pain in the butt and a lot worse if you are a female that has changed you last name from your birth name. I have no idea as to the amount of time you can apply for it before it expires.  However if you dont have a real ID. I dont think it's an issue if you apply before your license expires.  I suggest driving to the dtop at 1 o'clock and talk to them.

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