Home owners insurance.

Hi everyone.  We are purchasing a home in the Yucatan next month and would like to learn about various house insurance options and pricing.  Any tips?  Thanks :) Anna

Hi "AnnaConner", don't know about the Yucatan area BUT we live on the Riviera Nayarit coast and when I was looking for insurance in regards to property damage the answers were...you must be further then 500 meters from high tide, we are not covering flooding nor earthquakes, hurricane, we are not covering theft if unoccupied during more than 30 days, etc...and BIG deductible.

So, in my case, since I am renting...no insurance coverage and my neighbors which are Mexicans don't either.

Adios y buen dia a todos, GyC.

Thanks for your reply.  I hope that the Yucatan beach area is less restricted.

Hi again, here are some site for your info

Government site on protecting your money/belongings (Spanish)
https://www.condusef.gob.mx/Revista/ind … ra-tu-casa
https://www.condusef.gob.mx/Revista/ind … uros/hogar
https://www.gob.mx/profeco/documentos/s … =published

Cost but dating 2018 with category of risk value 1,5MDP about $75,000USD (Spanish) don't forget that houses are sold to gringos at a above market value often impacting in the insurance cost.
https://www.rankia.mx/blog/aseguradoras … para-hogar

Insurance companies are namely AXA, ATLAS, AIG, MAPFRE and all major banks (BBVA Bancomer,
https://www.segurosatlas.com.mx/PersonaHogar.html# (with examples)

Site for comparing all companies BUT some info needed to complete request
https://www.ukuvi.com/?utm_medium=ppc&a … =cotizador de seguros&utm_source=adwords&utm_campaign=Seguros+Digitales+y+Auto&hsa_acc=9670320686&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_cam=1463462158&hsa_ver=3&hsa_grp=56539178813&hsa_src=g&hsa_tgt=kwd-1768796599&hsa_mt=b&hsa_ad=279791550661&hsa_kw=cotizador de seguros&gclid=CjwKCAjw7anqBRALEiwAgvGgm8ILT1KeHre0wHdniUXG4r74Y8bVHBa9Et44PS8xUYB-RL8LLEqkExoCgDEQAvD_BwE

Buena suerte, GyC.

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