Driving Licence Application& car purchase


We are moving to Mauritius this month end. Need some advice for driving licence and second hand car purchase as well as car licence info etc.

My husband holds a British driving licence, I browsed internet and learnt that his licence can be automatically converted to Mauritian one, isn't it?  And I am holding Hong Kong Driving Licence and recently I got my International Driving Permit from the HK Transport Department, please advise if I can apply Mauritian driving licence without going through a driving test which is bit unnecessary.  I hope I don't need do, anyone knows?  HK used to be British Colony, so the road rule is same as UK version.

Also, where to purchase second hand car, the dealer must be reliable and helps process all necessary paper work and what sort of car licence we need, and what insurance company we should use for the vehicle ?

Thanks a lot

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