Paying for Spanish lessons?

Has anyone ever paid for Spanish lessons in a classroom setting while in México?  If so, how much? Did you feel it was worth it? What level of Spanish did you speak when you went in? How long were the classes? How many hours per class? How many classes per week? How many weeks per session? Were they private, group sized or based in an educational setting (i.e. college). What would you consider a fair price if you felt you were really going to learn to SPEAK spanish...not just learn how to spell and learn grammatical lessons like in high school. This isn't an ad. I really want to know. I am thinking of starting classes in Puerto Penasco but I don't want to charge too much and I don't want to be taken advantage of either. But I am a very good teacher and I'd like to share that AND find my nido here in México. Gracias.

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