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Hi everyone I have a question.  A friend of mine is in trouble she is a foreigner she was told she can’t take the kids out of the country if dad doesn’t allow but dad is also abusing the children and we have proof can she leave with kids if he is abusive towards them ?

More details please. Do the kids hold foreign passports.

They don’t 😩😩

Yes that's likely a problem. I don't know Egyptian law but could quite imagine spouses permission is needed. Presumably she needs to move out in the short term. In the medium term perhaps she can get passports for the kids from her home country. It would take just a couple of months for the UK for instance.

A friend had the same issue with her son but she was able to get out of it by first getting the proper documentations through the embassy in Cairo and then convinced the father to allow the son to travel with his mom for short stay abroad, it’s slow but effective

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