2 years multiple exit re-entry visa for family

hello guys
i have one questions, i am living in jubail. i brought my family in saudi arabia on 2 years multiple entry visa on 3rd june 2019. after 1 month my family went back to pakistan for some urgent work.
now the question is how many month she can stay in pakistan?
is there any validity or not???
i am confused?

waiting for the reply.

Your question subject and content are not matching. Can you be specific, are you asking about 2 years multiple exit reentry or 2 years multiple entry visa?
If you say Exit Reentry then they have iqama? if having Iqama how did they get 2 years exit reentry coz system itself dosent support more than a year or till the validity of iqama for 12-18 months. However if its multiple entry visit visa then its up to them when they wanna come during those 2 years.

Thanks for the reply
its a 2 years multiple entry visit visa for my family.
is there any validity or time period.????

My family is on one year visit in Riyadh, KSA, 6 six month stay is going complete. I want to make exit and re entry for my family to Bahrain. My first question is if i get evisa for bahrain, can i go through causeway?? Second question my family goes by air to Bahrain and return back on same date, in this condition whether visa is required or not??
kindly share if any other solution is available..

They can travel any time before 2nd june 2020

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