Permesso di Soggiorno: Tagliando be valid to travel in schengen areas?


     I am in Italy and this is my 2nd renewal of my permesso di soggiorno, I am a non EU citizen who is just a resident and I have a Tagliando (receipt) of that renewal which I have an appointment after 3 months. Can I go to a schengen country without my card and just the receipt? the renewal is taking too long, it has been 3 months since I applied, 6 months before the said appointment and after that appointment, the waiting period will renew itself for a couple of months. I need to have my job interview in Germany and I am not sure if I have any options for me to do so.

     and yes, i saw the permesso di soggiorno provvisorio from the internet but our questura dont know that it existed, Im here in Lucca.

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