Extending my Visa to Egypt-Residency?

Good Morning!  I have been here in Cairo now for 6 months, just enjoying life.  An American living a life long dream.

I now need to extend my Visa.  I know that Mongamma is where I start. The page giving information is confusing to me.  Plus,  I know that English is NOT spoken by all there.  Very few.

I have my passport, my flat contract, I also have copies of my financials if needed.  Is there anything else I need-interpreter?

Any help would be appreciated. 🙂


You should pick  someone with you to finishing your visa... it very easy but takes sometime. so u have to take someone can deal with gov office...

Hi, for extending visa you just need housing contract and your passport , the new immigration office is in Al Abbasiyah
This is what I knew from my friends who extended

Thank you for the response but not exactly.

I will now go for the 3rd day in a row. They do not make it easy.

I had my contract and they gave me issues.   I persisted as I know that that is all that was needed.  I also had copies of my egy bank, proof of income and all the copies I knew they would ask for. I was prepared.

Nothing is ever easy.  This I know.

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