Bringing Your own Car VS. Buying Your own Car in Odessa,Ukraine

~I’ve got my D Visa and will be living in Odessa for at least 3 years. My question: Is it easier (better) to ship my own vehicle from Los Angeles to Odessa OR just purchase a vehicle in Odessa (or, maybe Kyiv for a lower price).

~I’ll be driving my band within Ukraine playing shows AND Touring East Europe/West Europe and then returning back to Odessa.

~I found a company, West Coast Shipping, here in Los Angeles that specializes in shipping your car to Odessa. The dude who specializes in this at West Coast is Vladimir. He mentioned something about being able to drive your OWN “out of Country” vehicle for one year. But, he gave NO details. I also saw that mentioned on this Forum, HERE in another post from last year. Can anyone tell me:

1)Do I need to register my vehicle in Odessa? Or is my current California registration allowed?
2)Do I need to purchase Ukrainian Car Insurance or is my valid/current Mercury Insurance legal to use?
3)What are the details about having your car in Ukraine one year? Do you just drive it out of the Country after one year and then turn around and enter starting the process for another year? (And,pay new fees?).
4)Do I need to get a Ukrainian Driver’s License or can I use my current/valid California License?

Ok...I have:

2003 Nissan Pathfinder
83,000 Miles in great condition
Kelly Blue Book say’s it’s value is $2500.00usd

Any direction would help. Most of these shipping people are SO busy, they never return calls or emails. And, when they do, most of the information is incomplete and just creates more unknowns and questions. Btw,I am NOT looking to sell my vehicle and get into THAT business. This is just for driving and Touring in Ukraine and those EU Countries I mentioned. Thanks!


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