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Would anyone perhaps know of a mechanic or garage with knowledge about Chevrolet cars? A Captvia more specifically. Mine just died on the motorway today and not sure where to have it towed to.


hi Michael,

Have you had any success yet with your Chevrolet captiva?

If ever you still need help, do let me know. I can perhaps help out..

I am a car enthusiast and DIYer ..- have quite some experience in repairs.. but do it as my passion. have my own tools and backyard garage.

If ever you feel I can be of any help, do let me know..  I work at the university of Mauritius and am a fighter against landfills and thus repair and re-engineer whatever is brought to me to give it another life.

I would be glad to help you free of charge, just give me the change to at least advise you, before you start spending fortunes..

Best regards,

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Hi, my name is Clifford and I am happy to hear that you have fundimental principals. There are not many people who cares about our environment and the effects it causes.

Hi Veekram

Thank you very much for your reply, it is much appreciated. Car is currently at CFAO in Pailles where they will get back to me with what is wrong with it and the cost of getting is fixed. If you dont mind I might give you call once I hear back from them to get your input?

Best regards,

We take our Chevrolet to CFAO, and so far the services and pricing have been acceptable.

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