Living in Brazil after Married

Hello there , I am  a Filipino citizen married to Brazilian and we are currently living in Saudi Arabia.  Now, I want to stay for a moment in Brazil to get my passport change. 

My questions are : How easy to apply for a citizenship ? Is there any job for me waiting while processing? How long the process?

Thank You in advance.


After residing in Brazil continuously for 15 years, without any criminal record, foreigners may apply for Brazilian citizenship on that basis alone.However, this period can be drastically reduced. If the foreigner holds a permanent residence for Brazil, has sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language (in speaking, reading and writing) and a job or sufficient funds to support himself and his family, the period can be cut down to 4 years.

This four-year period can be further reduced. If the resident has a Brazilian wife or child, he can apply for citizenship after one year. If he has certain professional, scientific or artistic abilities, he is eligible for Brazilian citizenship after two years. Three years of permanent residence entitles foreigners for a citizenship who own a property or business of a certain value.
Now this is pre 2017 when I came.

To apply for citizenship, you and your wife need to move to Brazil.  You need to apply for permanent residency with the Federal Police, and receive a CRNM, a National Migratory Registration Card, which will serve as your Brazilian ID.  As the spouse of a Brazilian citizen, you normally will not have trouble doing this.  The card should be issued between one and three months after you apply.
After living in Brazil continuously for one year after the issue date of your CRNM, you can apply to be naturalized as a citizen.   The normal waiting period is four years,  but it's shortened for spouses of Brazilian citizens.
If you continue to live abroad, you can't apply for citizenship; your CRNM continues to be valid for residency in Brazil, however, as long as you don't remain outside Brazil for longer than two years at a time.

Hi there,   so for may case I will stay for one year and I will take it?

I am a bachelor degree and working as HR officer in Saudi.

As abthree stated, Must have a residence. Apply for permanent residence wait until CRMN is issued, then after living in Brazil 1 year you can take the exams ad then wait.
You cannot be out of Brasil for more than 2 years after you gain CRMN or process begins again.

got  it and there will be a exam. I thought staying for year after application will enough.

You have to be married and living in Brazil for at least one year to apply for citizenship.
You also have to pass a written Portuguese test

You need to prove Portuguese fluency.  The usual method is the CelpeBras exam, given  by the Ministry of Education and Culture.  It's offered once or twice a year, in Brazil and abroad.  It was offered this year in May, and will probably be offered again in October.  The nearest exam site to you last May was in Beirut, Lebanon.

HR... Human Resources? Personnel mgmt... Business Administration... Bachelor of Science in Commerce. Transcript of Records in English... Correct?

Well, you have to write to your University´s registrar office to send you your transcript of records, have that translated in Portuguese and have that validated by a university in Brazil. This area of discipline is well exploited and the curriculum and principles are very similar anywhere in the world so "revalidation" should not be a problem. However, fluency in Portuguese is a must if you take on a job in Brazil... Employment not guaranteed especially with some positions if you are a permanent resident. If you´re a citizen, chances are better especially civil service. Good luck!


Many thanks


Many thanks.

At  first I will try to look for Human Resource work or Marketing Job after I studied a Portuguese Language.

Or to put a business .

Don´t expect high salaries in Brazil like what the Saudis pay. Unless of course you become a politician. I think business would be better if you could tackle the bureaucratic
hurdles. Lots of taxes to pay. Your wife should know.

Please read abthree's and Robal's replies carefully.
No work without a work visa or becoming a permeant resident.
Investment Visa will be expensive.
After all documents filed for permeant resident and granted, along with registry of marriage  and live here a year you apply for citizenship. (written Portuguese test and to be in HR a must)
Cannot leave Brasil over two years or it starts the process again.
Yep salaries low and taxes high.

Thanks for the information . Seems you don't want to recommend to stay there.  :rolleyes:

I also have some business in Philippines to support juts in case. However yes seems it's not good as the replied to me.


Question can I apply for Permanent Visa here in Riyadh?

Thank You.

hello there.

Question can I apply a for permanent visa here in Saudi Arabia?

hello there,

How about permanent visa ? Can i apply here in Saudi?

No. The CRMN are issue in Brasil after a long process. Please review the BR Consulate site in your country's of citizenship. You need a lot of documents and police background check ( cannot be over 90 days old) and most documents need apostilled.

i saw this post that I can apply to the the Brazil embassy to which I am staying.

Not sure as to the question.
You do not apply for a work visa until you have a sponsorship from a company and approved by the Brazilian Gov. You do not apply for jobs with the embassy.
You do realize that site is saying a "head hunter" is working to fill a position in the health care system. It is not a job offer and probably many more head hunters are also looking for qualified Brazilian's citizens for the job.

Yes you’re too far for my question. I’m not looking for a job . It was mentioned there if you married to a Brazilian you can apply your permanent visa via police or the brazil embassy on your home county .

VITEM XI – Temporary Visa XI – family reunification visa can be applied for at Consulate, but I believe it is Temporary and need to do formal PR in Brasil.

For the time being it’s okay for me .

Because i want it travel to Argentina and Paraguay so I need that visa 😅

As said it is temporary and would not give you Mercosul rights to cross borders. When I applied for PR I still had to use passport. Did not need visa in AR (waived visa for US), but needed visa for Paraguay

Vin_glau08 :

i saw this post that I can apply to the the Brazil embassy to which I am staying.

The link in your post doesn't say anything about applying for residency; it's just job listings, and most of them are not for Brazil, although they're labeled as such.  The "freelance" jobs listed would not include a work visa, so would be of questionable legality, until you obtained permanent residency, which will let you apply for a Labor Card and obtain paid employment.

You can only apply for permanent residency at a Polícia Federal office in Brazil, not at an embassy or consulate abroad.  As Texanbrazil said, the usual way to do that is to request a VITEM XI visa based on family unification (i.e. to live with your Brazilian spouse in Brazil) at the nearest Brazilian Consulate or Embassy, and then to register with the Polícia Federal shortly after your arrival, and request your permanent residency.

If you were married outside Brazil, you will need to register your marriage at a Brazilian Consulate in order to request a VITEM XI.  The instructions for this are generally on the Consulate and Embassy websites in the "Services for Brazilians" section, and usually in Portuguese only, since technically, it will be your wife who is registering the marriage -- and requesting your visa and permanent residency, for that matter.

As for citizenship, as already discussed, as the spouse of a Brazilian citizen you can apply after one continuous year of residence, that year being counted from the issue date of your CRNM.  Once you apply, though, be aware that the Ministry of Justice process for processing naturalizations is VERY slow, so there's no way to tell when you'll see any action.  I applied for naturalization on April 16 of this year.  Not having heard anything in four months, I went to the Polícia Federal to inquire.  They assured me that there was no problem with my application, they just hadn't forwarded it to Brasília yet:  I should just be patient.

Hello! I m still not ready to live in Brazil but I want to apply for permanent visa while I’m still in Saudi and I just want to ask if it’s possible to apply here in Brazil embassy in Saudi .

No, you have to apply in Brasil at the Policia Federal office. You need many documents translated in Portuguese and apostille there. You will need an address and utility bill in your name and Police background check no over 60 days old
Once you have a tourist visa and in Brazil go to the PF office to apply.
abthree has given you great advice and as he said PR cannot be done at an Embassy or Consulate office.

Vin_glau08 :

Hello! I m still not ready to live in Brazil but I want to apply for permanent visa while I’m still in Saudi and I just want to ask if it’s possible to apply here in Brazil embassy in Saudi .

Perhaps there is some confusion because you've heard that there is such a thing as a "permanent visa" that one could apply for at a Brazilian Consulate abroad.
In fact, there used to be.  It was called the VIPER, and it was abolished for all new applicants during the major rewrite of Brazil's immigration laws that was enacted in May 2017, and effective in November 2017.  Even the VIPER wasn't open-ended, though:  you couldn't apply for it, then hold it.  It had a trigger.  You had to declare an anticipated arrival date in Brazil, and if you missed that date, you would have had some explaining to do.  And you still had to report to the Polícia Federal shortly after arrival, to register and request your ID card, the CIE, now the CRNM.
Under the new law, the VIPER was replaced by the VITEM XI, a temporary visa, but only for purposes of getting you into Brazil.  You now have to complete the entire permanency process with the Polícia Federal in-country.
I hope that clarifies things.

Hello we married on Brazil so all our documents are translated in Portuguese . Now, we are planing to go in Brazil next month . If I apply for it how many days it would take ? It’s a visa stamp or a piece of paper ?

Thanks ,


Hello . I only have our marriage contract . It’s enough to apply the temporary visa there ? How long it would take ?

Vin_glau08 :

Hello . I only have our marriage contract . It’s enough to apply the temporary visa there ? How long it would take ?

The website for the Brazilian Embassy in Riyadh doesn't seem to have a page showing the documentation required for a VITEM XI visa.  Here's the page from the site of the Brazilian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, showing the documentation requirements for both spouses:

The requirements should be the same in Riyadh, but you should contact them by email to confirm, and to find out how to make an appointment.  Their email address is:


According to their site, visas may take up to 45 working days to process.

I sent an email to the embassy of Brazil here in Riyadh but no reply. Aha so it not possible because I only have one month vacation in Brazil if it will take 45 days .

You were married in Brazil, right?  Does that by any chance mean that you still have a valid Brazilian visa in your passport?  If you have a valid visa good for multiple entries, you may be ok with that.

Actually I don’t need a visa to brazil as Filipino citizen. I just want to get it because some of  the check - in personnel of the airplanes don’t know that Philippines is visa free in Brazil and I have to wait for verification even though I came there for 3 times they still asking for my visa. And some European airlines too if I don’t have visa on Brazil on my passport I need to apply for transit visa.

OK, visa-free entry changes EVERYTHING!
Here's the list of documents that you and your wife need to pull together to request your permanent residency at the Polícia Federal: … o-familiar

If you arrive in Brazil with the docs in hand and get to the PF ASAP, you should be able to get your application in, no sweat.  Your card will probably take 2-3 months to be returned to the PF office where you apply, but if you leave a "Procuração" (Power of Attorney, from a cartório) with your in-laws, they can pick it up for you.
Good luck!

Many thanks . I will check this

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