Leasing Doubt

Hi all... We rented a studio flat in May and my husband lost his job this month... He is in his notice period and we have to leave the country after his grace period ends... It's going to be only 3 months since we shifted to this new flat. As we informed that we lost job to our landlord and we need to go back to country they don't agree and they say that one year we have to stay ... And in contract it is written that if we leave property before a year we have to pay the remaining money for the year.  Please help out and provide solutions for this

Don't worry if u are not living y u pay rent just inform to owner and leave the flat simple

Can we just do like that... Anyways we are exiting the country as visa expires... Will it create any problem... ?

Every contract has a diplomatic clause i.e. if you have to leave due to loss of visa or job.  Read yours carefully.  You are not liable to pay them for the full year.  Just give a notice in writing.  The most you will lose is your deposit.   But have the notice in writing.

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