Moving to Sayulita, Bucerias

The high cost of living in California and my Family Origin made me decide to move to Mexico,..Nayarit, basically my mother was born in Mexico, Nayarit and have some Property(town) style, though I'm not planning to move to a town life more to a beach lifestyle, any advice in Setting up my Immigration status to Mexican Citizen..since my mother was born there i was told I can get Dual Citizenship, some Advice on do's and Don'ts, thanks.. have other plans but will say in another time.

Hi "korasones", my best advice would be to contact the Mexican consulate in your area and ask your questions.

My understanding is that you can't have a VISA for family ties since your mother is living in the USA.

And for citizenship, the Mexican consulate would be must helpful.

As far as your area of choice don't forgot the Nayarit coast is big and your mother might own proprety in towns like La Penita de Jaltemba (right on the coas).

Mexican consulate personel were very helpful for our case BUT it was in regards to retired persons moving as permanent residents of Mexico.

Adios y buena suerte en su proyecto, GyC.

Becoming a Mexican Citizen is a long process, like many things in Mexico.

My advice would be for you to get recent copies of US birth certificates for all family members who wish to apply for citizenship. They will need to be apostilled by the state registar´s office (state where you were born).

Go visit the Mexican Consulate nearest you to consult with them about all requirements for becoming a Mexican citizen.

My mother was Born in Nayarit Mexico, my Grand Father,  and so on..reason asking is I had a family have dual Citizenship and was inquiring more info, though thank for feedback, I will go to the Consulate.

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