Moving to Germany on a short stay Visa

Hi everyone,
I really need your advice in this.I am coming to Germany on a visit visa and my stay there is just for 7 days.I actually don't plan on returning back to Kenya because this is my only chance.Is there a way I can get to stay there because the person inviting me is a total stranger and I trusted someone else that is a family member to help me but the way I see it she doesn't know much how it goes if you want a job then you must attend a German course which is not possible while on a 7 days visit.And again she says it's not possible because when you go searching for a job they must take your fingerprints and the authorities will catch you there for you have overstayed your number of days.
Which is the way out? please advise

Sorry to say, there is no way to convert a 7-days tourist visa into any other visa that would allow you to stay longer. And once you overstay your 7 days illegally, you lost your chance to get a longer erm visa altogether (apart from the fact that your sponsor will then have to pay for all costs associated with finding, incarcerating and deporting you, which can easily be €10000 and more).
Please reconsider your plan. To stay in Germany longer, you m,ust apply for a long-term visa from the German embassy in your country!

Beppi  is right. What you are planning is completely illegal and not going to work.  There is no rationalizing one’s way around the rules and nobody here would help you to do so. Even if you could stay for longer and take a German course, this will not get you a work permit. If you already had legal residency in Germany then you might have the legal situation to take a job. You cannot do so on any kind of tourist visa. And no employer is going to help you get a work visa and go to Germany unless you have experience and skills they need. For unskilled labor you won’t find anyone to do this nor be eligible for a job seekers visa either. And most scenarios of immigrating to German will mean having a decent level of German already.

Possibilities; get a good education, marketable skills and learn good German and then apply for jobs online or apply for a job seekers visa. Otherwise, marry a German who has enough income and a  big enough accommodation to get you a family reunion visa but this will also mean passing a A1 level German exam. Or find a well-educated non-EU spouse that can qualify for a blue card visa and find a good job in Germany and then you could come on a family reunion visa without even having the German test.

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