Visa requirements for an internship in Germany


I'm an American who was recently offered a 3 month internship in Berlin and I have some questions about visas in Germany. I'm currently living in Paris with an APS visa (a visa I received after completing a master's program which allows me to stay in France for one year while I search for a job). During this time I can work part-time. Would this allow me to work in Germany as well? If not, what kind of visa would I need for this internship? Could I apply for the visa in Germany? Or would I need to go back to the US to apply? How long does this process usually take? My employer is hoping I can start in a month but I'm not sure I can have a visa before that time. Please let me know if you can help! Thanks.

Since work permits are still national, you can only VISIT Germany with your current visa.
To work here, you need to apply fo a work visa for Germany. Contact the German embassy or consulate nearest to you to apply for one.

You will almost certainly need a work visa specifically from Germany but you don’t have to return to the States. Like Beppi mentioned, the best thing would to contact the nearest German consulate or embassy in Paris.  If the employer is willing to do their part in getting your visa accepted then there should not be a problem, assuming you don’t have something like a serious criminal record - or violations of visa or immigration laws in Germany or other EU countries over the last 5 years.

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