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me and my husband both are expat from India and working here as lecturer in university on work permit. I want to bring a maid from India. What is the procedure to bring the maid on our own from India and how to apply for her maid permit. I do not want to go through agents and want to apply directly through immigration.

pls advice on procedure, documents required etc

appreciate your help


I suggest you go to the immigration office for the latest information, collect the forms for your case if they let you, and come back and tell us what they said. Good luck!


You may apply for a maid directly from India by yourself but it is quite a laborious process as it also involves the Indian High Commission giving approval and vetting all documents before they are sent off to the candidate.  These documents(contract of employment with minimum salary of RM 1400) must be authenticated by the Indian High Commission an sent to the employee who needs to get clearance from the local Labour Office in India before she can be allowed to leave by Immigration. 

Besides the Indian High Commission requires the employer to deposit a bank guarantee of RM 10000 with the Indian High Commision.  You must also sign an affidavit  guaranteeing that you will be responsible for a return air-ticket in event of termination of  contract.


The above procedure applies to us Malaysian hiring an Indian Domestic Helper.  The Indian High Commission may have different requirements when the employer is also an Indian National.  Best to check with them.  Good luck.


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I went to Malaysian immigration Expatriate division, Putrajaya. They said we can apply directly. there are few forms to be filled. The following documents are required--

1. application letter from us stating the reason.
2. PP copy of maid attested by our employer (company you are working with or malaysian immigration in India or indian embassy in malaysia)
3. contract 2 copies (stamped RM 10)
4. personal bond
5. our documents (PP copy of all family members, marriage cert)
6. full body medical checkup report of maid done in india.

once ready submit the documents at malaysian immigration and wait for calling visa. we need to send this to malaysian embassy in india and the maid will get sticker visa (calling visa) and travel to malaysia.

once the maid is here, need to do second medical check up FOMEMA and apply for maid permit.


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