Land office levy for mm2h holders

Hi All
About 2 years ago I purchased a property in perak. I have now received the stamp duty bill and I note that there is an additional RM 10,000 levy charged on top of the other various government fees. The lawyer says it is a government fee and beyond his control. Mm2h dept say that they have no knowledge of this fee. The land department in perak refer me to the taxation office who in turn refer me to the stamp duties department in the land office, where I started.

Is this special levy usual?

Nobody seems to have any knowledge of what it is or any further information.

You guys have been here a lot longer than I and hopefully can shed some light on what it is all about.

Many thanks.

Standard fees for property purchase.

Many thanks for the information. I see no mention of any extra levy on that list.
The lawyer tells me that it is a government fee specifically raised for buyers with mm2h pass.

I will attend the lawyers office and demand to see the government account, if it exists. I will also be personally attending the land office in an attempt to ascertain where this has originated. It is just listed as a levy under disbursements. Copy to be posted.

Many thanks for your kind assistance.
Regards Andrew

Any word on the additional fee?

I will attend the lawyers office this week, and the land office to try to get more information.

I attended the land office today and eventually tracked down an official to explain the described levy.

I am informed that mm2h holders have to purchase the right to buy a property in perak.
The cost of the permission to buy the first property is set at RM10,000. For Any subsequent purchase the cost of the permission is RM15,000.

For landed property, or commercial property the cost is higher.

This is on top of stamp duty and several other registration fees. In my case the total bill is almost RM21,000.

I was not made aware of these costs previously and obviously find it somewhat difficult to accept.

Hope this assists others intending to purchase property in perak.

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