Hi living in Bahrain just wanting to know anybody had any Botox done here or know anybody who has and can can recommend somewhere to go

Hello there..
No personal experience here but I can say from observation that there seems to be more skin/dermatology/cosmetic clinics in Bahrain than coldstores!  :P
Try some big names like Dermaplast (Dr. Tariq Hospital) in Zinj, Dr. Habib Merza in Isatown.
Besides all the big private hospitals like
Kindi, Royal, Ibn Nafees and BSH all have reputed clinics for this cause.
Mums in Bahrain Facebook page can lead you to tried and tested reviews too..
Good luck..

There are tons of clinics here for these kind of things.  A lot of my female friends keep talking about stuff like PRP and what not but I can't make head nor tails or even understand the purpose behind this :).

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