Have idea about extension for one month is over

As salam  o alikum 
My question is  about the passport  extension for one month is over tommrow so I can take one month more extend the passport because my prosese of Visa take time so if I extend 2nd time any time take extension or must be take immediately when first extension expire plz explan if any one have idea thank you

You are not at all clear.  What extension?  which passport?  which nationality?

This is the Bahrain forum and we can advise you on the processes as related to Bahrain.  If it is a passport matter for your home country, the Embassy would be your best option.

Yes brother I am in Bahrain rightnow

I mean to say when your visa expires u take extension to visa prosess

For visa extension you need 3 to 4 days before its expiry date ideally.

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