Acr card.

Hello all. Now i have my full permanant resident acr card. Does anyone know the cost of renewing the card every 5 years. Thanks.

Fifty bucks. But don't sue me if im wrong. Just ask them when you do your annual report next January..

What kind of ACR card? Tourist?

5 year permanent resident.

Cheers buddy..

The ACR is to be renewed every 5 years but you are permanent resident for life, at least as long as you are with your wife

Im asking how much to renew!!!

50 US dollars

Its in the philippines so pesos will do nicely...!!! So about 2.500 PESOS!! NOT DOLLARS

Argh ! This is 50 dollars !!! You know why ??? Because the rates of currencies are moving from year to year ! I hope you understand this time... Thank you

To be precise today it will be 2581.28 pesos and not 2500 pesos as you say

Ha ha... not bad for a british guess..only 58 peso out !!

Everything else at immigration is priced in pesos but the Alien card is priced in US dollars, when the immigration used to open from 7am until 5pm I made the mistake of getting there very early, around 7:30am. It was a complete waste of time because my Alien card had to be renewed at that time and they can't do that until after 9am when they get the exchange rate for that day from Manila, only in the Philippines hahaha.

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