Health Insurance

Hi there. I'm looking for recommendations for Health Insurance please?
1.  What companies/packages do you recommend?
2.  Do i buy through broker or go direct?
3.  I'm looking for regional cover, possible worldwide.
4.  Family cover is required.

In KSA and UAE so far I've experienced some policies where the I've had to pay the minimum for a consultation and virtually all treatment and prescriptions were covered (I think it was gold cover) and exactly the opposite where i continually had to pay a high amount for each consultation.

Any advice



Look, if money is no issue, then I would always recommend the international companies i.e. CIGNA and BUPA as the level of service, ease of access (filing claims / getting approvals) and the flexibility to change the offered plans, is way above any of the local providers.   You can just go to their sites, request a quote and someone will be after your life to sell you the policy :)

But mind you, for your requirements i.e. low or zero deductibles and / or co-pay, the cost will be very high.

Alternatively, you can try local providers and I would advise going through a broker as it would be difficult for you to chase individual companies for quotes as well as negotiate.  But there isn't a lot of flexibility in adapting plans.  Even the top range plans with world wide cover have exclusions. In any case, as an individual, you WILL have a waiting period to rule out pre-existing conditions as well as maternity / dental.  The only way to waive that is to get an insurance through your employer as corporate policies don't have these waiting periods.

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