Work and spouse visa processing time

Hi all,

I am an Indian citizen, with a student visa for Germany. I am in Antwerp to complete my thesis at a company. Hopefully, I might have an offer from a company. My questions here are:

1. What is the processing time for a work permit/work visa? How early can I start working?
2. How much time do I need to wait before applying for my wife's visa (long term)? Like many payslips do I need to show? or If there is anything else that I am missing?
3. I have read that couples have applied for a visa together from India and the chances were high, that they got early approval. But since I will be in Antwerp, how can I reduce the processing time for my wife's visa?

Thanks in advance.

You will fnd answers for all these questions in existing threads in the forum. But yes, it takes time to go through many threads and find what you want.

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