Recommendations for West Coast Exterminators

Hello there!!

I’ve recently moved to the Mayaguez/Anasco area and appear to have a Polilla issue.

I got one quote for fumigation, but it was pretty high, I think, and I’d love to have other options. 

Any recommendations for West Coast Exterminators?

Thanks in advance!


Polilla issue.?   Is that some type of moth?

A type of termite I believe... Carpenter ant-ish.

PR has a lot of termites - they will destroy/ eat wood.   If your house is cement, no worries, but anything wood is at risk. 

Sometimes they swarm and it is a swarm from hell. The swarm is looking for a place to start a new nest. 😡

Well, I believe they found one!!! UGH!

Any recommendations for exterminator guys are much appreciated!!!

They both eat wood. You should get an exterminator and get rid of the item that is being affected even if expensive or the problem will return. There is no way the poison will reach everywhere in a door or piece offirniture you would have to dip it in the poison and wait for it to completely soak into the wood. More practical to get rid of the item.

By the way check books, picture books and other paper and cardboard items. They love the glue and paper material not just wood.

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