Looking for a store to buy proper recording equipment for a podcast

Does anyone know where I can walk in to buy recording equipment? I am being a little specific, but I'm looking for ATR2100 microphones.


No idea if this place is any good or not, but they seems to be an AT partner

https://musictool.vn/modules.php?name=C … lete+audio

One thing to remember, the studio only needs to be as good as the speaker your work is listened to on, and that's mostly going to be computer grade stuff so there's no advantage in spending a fortune.

My own gear is pretty simple, simple but reasonable - reasonable mics with a reasonable quality mixer, and a nice little sound card, all above average for what most people would use with a computer, but nothing that special.
The kit works very nicely for voiceovers, skype conference calls, and podcasts.

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