Help needed

Hello there.
My name is corinth. Am a Ghanaian passport holder. I am entering into Vietnam with a student visa. Can I still teach English on part time? Will immigration permit me?

Didn't you like the answer to this exact same question in the other thread you started?  Are you anticipating a different answer?

No not at all. Am not getting the right answers. I want a YES or NO answers with credible sources attached.  You don't give me question for question ;)

Ask the agent who is arranging your student visa.

The school is processing the visa. All I get from them is they will arrange 'paid internship'. Am a certified TEFL teacher and I wanted to carry my profession along since I hear Vietnam is a TEFL hub. Actually am coming on partial scholarship.
Wish I can connect with an international student in Vietnam to get the inside story. How it is like to work on student visa.

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