Iqama Profession change from Computer Technician to ..... ?

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My Iqama profession is Computer Technician. I recently registered in SCE because of Iqama renewal purpose. I did SCE without diploma (there's an option in SCE) but this is valid for 3 months only. During this period I've to either change profession to another or process attested diploma certificate in SCE to make it permanent.

Unfortunately, I do not have a diploma certificate. I posses an unattested degree certificate. The attestation will take months, I check with few agencies in my home country. For my case, the name on certificate and iqama  has some issues, the process would take longer time.

Thus, I'm planning to change the profession to something else - IT or non-IT related. I found professions - Computer Operator, Help Desk Support, Database Supervisor etc. I'm unsure whether this profession would have underlying attestation like Technician profession. Even I'm fine to take General Labour as my first profession was it and I don't need any family status/Visit visa.

Your advices would be much appreciated.


hello brother

me also in same situation . may i know what you did ?

Hello Brother,

I am in the same situation. I have got a job offer. Due to some mismatch in names on my degree and passport the attestation is failed.

However, I am asked to come on Labor visa and then profession will be changed to Computer Technician.

I have two questions,

1) To register as Computer Technical at SCE do we need to provide the attested degree or without attested degree it will be processed?
2)  On Computer Technician profession can we sponsor family iqama / visa?

1 - I suggest you to register in SCE with DIPLOMA for Computer Technician profession if your documents are readily available. And yes, your diploma must be authenticated and attested in your home country.

You can register without diploma but SCE will give you 3 months temporary membership only; and they will cancel it if you fail to upload the required diploma and supporting document certificates.

Here is how to register as Computer Technician (Diploma holder): Upload the following documents to the SCE profile that you have created:
- Attested diploma, both sides.
- Authorization Letter, download from SCE website, fill out properly, and scan.
- Introduction letter from the current employer, attested by the Chamber of Commerce.
- Copy of Iqama/Entry visa page in the passport.
- Copy of Passport.
- Personal Photograph (passport quality).
*Note: All documents are subject to verification from the issuing agency.

2- Yes, for Computer Technician profession with more than 5 years experience you can sponsor your family on a permanent visa (iqama).

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